The Wild Side West has been a San Francisco Bay Area local lesbian bar since 1962. Founded by out and proud lesbians Pat Ramseyer and Nancy White, the bar originally opened in Oakland as the Wild Side after the Barbara Stanwyck film "Walk on the Wild Side". In 1964, the Wild Side became the Wild Side West when it moved to Broadway in San Francisco. The Wild Side West moved to its current location in Bernal Heights in 1976. At that time, being out and running a lesbian bar was still a radical act, and a few neighbors at first protested by leaving broken toilets and dumping other household objects in front of the bar. Pat and Nancy took these items and turned them into art, decorating the beer garden downstairs and defiantly refusing to back down. Since then, Bernal Heights has become an amazingly welcoming, diverse neighborhood that embraces the bar and its GLBT pride. Likewise, the bar owner and staff are actively engaged in the community. The Wild Side West has continued to build up its signature art-covered walls, cieling, and outdoor sculpture garden. The art pieces have changed and grown organically over the years, and you will always see something new or different around. Sadly, Pat and Nancy have both passed away, but the Wild Side West continues to be lesbian-owned and committed to continuing their legacy and spirit.

Wild Side West founders Pat and Nancy
Nancy and Pat